Senior Manager, Market Risk at SBM Bank

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Job Description


To identify, monitor and report liquidity and market risks of the bank and facilitate decision making within regulatory limits and prudential limits approved by the Board Risk Committee.


Strategy – 40%

  • Provide proactive strategic direction in identifying, monitoring and managing market & liquidity risks in the Bank’s Financial/Treasury Markets portfolios.
  • Validating investment assumptions applied in risk valuation models.
  • Reviewing and evaluating impact of economic changes on risk exposure levels by ensuring appropriate market and liquidity risk management frameworks are in place and reviewed with changing market conditions.

Risk Management – 30%

  •  Identifying, monitoring and ensuring balance sheet/liquidity risks are managed within approved limit.
  • Identifying, monitoring and ensuring, price risks, FX and derivatives risks are managed within approved limit.
  • Proactively engaging Asset & Liability Committees and Risk Committees in pursuit of profitable and sustainable balance sheet growth ( Asset Liability Management).
  •  Developing a frame work to guide Treasury and ALCO in achieving sustainable balanced risk / return positions.
  • Setting and reviewing of liquidity risk limits in line with portfolio strategies, market conditions and liquidity profiles.
  • Regularly reviewing policies, procedures and controls to reflect any changes in markets, products, systems, regulations and strategy.
  • Providing risk exposure reports to Alco, Exco, SBM Group and the Board.

Compliance – 15%

  • Enforcing internal compliance on treasury policies and procedures.
  • Daily monitoring and reporting of Trading, ALM and liquidity limits.
  • Preparing and reviewing risk capital calculations and ensuring local capital adequacy requirements are met.
  • Preparing and submitting quarterly CBK stress test reports.
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance of counterparty limits.

People Management – 15%

  • Managing, leading and motivating my direct reports.
  • Coordinating ALCO meetings.


Direct Reports to this Position 

  • Assistant Manager, Regulatory & Statutory Complance.

Customers of this Position

  • ALCO
  • Treasury
  • Board Of Directors
  • EXCO
  • SBM Group

Knowledge; Skills and Experience required for this Role

Job Knowledge:

  • Good knowledge of Market Risk measurement models such as VAR, stress testing, LCR, NSFR etc.
  • Understanding of financial instruments such as bonds, swaps, forwards, options and other money market instruments.
  • Knowledge of liquidity risk measurement techniques.

Job Experience:

  • At least 5 years’ experience in market & liquidity risks.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a Business related courses.
  • Professional qualification in CFA/Accounting/FRM.

Competencies Required for this Role

  • Strong Analytical skills.
  • Strong numerical and problem solving skills.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Adherence to principles and values.