PROPEL Health Kenya Senior Manager, Finance, Administration and Grants at Palladium International

Job Description

Position Summary

The Senior Manager, Finance, Administration and Grants based in Nairobi, Kenya is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Kenyan government, donor, and Palladium policies and procedures in the areas of finance, administration, contracts and grants. Manages all operations, financial, budgeting, accounting and administrative functions and advises the project’s Country Director on all issues pertaining to project finance and operations. The incumbent will report to the PROPEL Health Country Director.

Key Responsibilities:

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and monitor the in-country finance and procurement teams’ activities by ensuring that standard accounting principles and procurement regulations are followed in carrying out contractual and financial transactions;
  • Manage the financial and procurement staffs’ performance on a regular basis to ensure they are completing job duties satisfactorily;
  • Meet with finance, procurement and grants staff and provide constructive feedback regarding performance; sign staff timesheets; provide senior-level guidance  and mentoring around performance;  complete annual performance  review;
  • Escalate and performance issues to Country Director, Regional Manager, and Operations Manager in Washington, DC.
  • Any other management duties and tasks as assigned.

Budget, Accounting and Financial Management

  • Ensure all finances are managed in alignment with the Kenyan government regulations, company and client’s financial policies and procedures;
  • Liaise with project team in Field Office and HQ to prepare, review and revise project budgets, expenditure forecasts and all other necessary financial reports;
  • Assist with end of year financial audit, as required
  • Submit field cash requests in a timely manner and manage cash flows in field office. Manage and update PROPEL Health Kenya financial tools in coordination with project management unit;
  • Communicate and follow up with relevant suppliers, consultants, vendors, contractors and staff with regards to invoices, payments, advances or finances;
  • Reconcile and review invoices for payments. Ensure necessary review, deliverables, and approvals before issuing payments. Review checks and payments and manage all other on-line banking processes related to the project;
  • Ensure applicable tax withholding and deductions are taken care of as per the Kenyan laws and regulations;
  • Maintain up to date bank and petty cash account transaction records and supporting documentations;
  • Review all financial transactions in the financial templates provided by HQ, accurately and in a timely fashion. Assist with financial recording as needed. Review and submit regular field vouchers and financial reports to HQ. Serve as back-up accountant when Finance and Operations Officer is away or on leave;
  • Collect bank statements for the bank accounts, review cash book, and reconcile the accounts;
  • Process for applicable tax exemptions and VAT reimbursements during or after procurements;
  • Advise the Country Director on all policy matters concerning project budgets, accounting and financial management.
  • Any other related duties and tasks as assigned.

Operations and Office Management:

  • Enhance admin and finance systems in-country and ensure the systems and processes complement Palladium HQ systems;
  • Oversee all administrative functions of the office to ensure smooth office operations in all phases of the project: start up, full implementation and close out;
  • Represent PROPEL Health in in matters pertaining to finance and operations in implementing partners meetings (i.e. USAID finance meetings);
  • Coordinate with HQ/Kenya and company security contact points to ensure company safety and security polices and guidelines are followed;
  • Monitor and manage business travel for staff including review and processing of travel authorization, travel advance requests, travel expense reports, logistics arrangement for transportation, lodging, etc. Ensure travelers follow applicable policies, PROPEL Health Project Management Manual (PMM), and guidelines of the company and donor. Keep track of travels and advances, and follow up for timely submission of travel expense reports and advance reconciliations;
  • Manage office space including processing of agreements for office space lease, utilities and services and timely payments and extension/termination of agreements;
  • Ensure necessary insurance coverages for staff, office and equipment are in place;
  • Coordinate with technical team to ensure operations support during travel, workshops, training and other events;
  • Any other related duties and tasks as assigned.

Administrative Functions:

  • Oversee general management of the project office;
  • Lead local staff and consultant recruitment, hiring, and contracting;
  • Manage contract expiry dates and process renewal on timely fashion in consultation with HQ/project management unit team;
  • Ensure personnel files for all staff are created, maintained and archived. The file includes complete record of all relevant information including recruitment documents, employment agreement, leave records and other performance related information;
  • Ensure timely submission of PROPEL Health Kenya staff timesheets, leave plans and leave requests, and respective supervisor approvals. Keep track and record of accrued leave days, used leave days and timesheets;
  • Oversee inventory management for office and project equipment (including computers, printers, etc), publications and subblies, including updated inventory list, insurance and period maintenance;
  • Manage project property in compliance with USAID and PROPEL Health Home Office guidelines and regulations, including submission of monthly and other periodic reports;
  • Lead PROPEL Health Kenya inventory control system and carry out annual property physical inventory verification on the contract anniversary date;
  • Administer and manage the efficient utilization and maintenance of project resources, including vehicles, IT and office equipment and furnishings, and any other physical assets purchased by or assigned to the project;
  • Respond to pertinent information requests from project partners and other relevant organizations/institutions;
  • Advise the Country Director on all policy matters concerning project administration.
  • Any other related duties as assigned.

Procurement Management:

  • Ensure the project team follows company policies, PMM, donor regulations when hiring consultants, vendors and contractors;
  • Negotiate, administer, and ensure compliance with agreements (support covers the full agreement life-cycle from program award through close-out);
  • Ensure that PROPEL Health Kenya procedures are adhered to and program staff are familiar with the procedures (this includes training staff on procurement mechanisms and new procurement procedures);
  • Ensure relevant authorization has been obtained before any purchase takes place;
  • Develop, negotiate, and administer partner agreements including fixed obligation grant (FOG), sub-contracts, consultancy agreements, letter agreement, purchase orders, internship agreements, etc.;
  • Initiate, through effective correspondence, requests for contract modifications and approvals such as: scope adjustments, personnel changes, budget realignments, performance period changes, implementing partner changes, consultant approval, etc.
  • Any other procurement duties and tasks as assigned.

Grants/Subawards Management: 

  • Work in close coordination with technical staff to develop RFA and prepare documentation for grant evaluation and approvals;
  • Advertise RFA, analyze and evaluate grant applications with the review team, and issue grants that adheres to PROPEL Health Grants Manual;
  • Lead the start-up and closeout of PROPEL Health Botswana grants over the life of the project;
  • Advise and monitor grants management policies, procedures, and practices to grantees;
  • Ensure appropriate documentation is completed and on file to guarantee grant file audit readiness;
  • Conduct grantee training as needed, including capacity building for potential grantee organizations, and knowledge transfer for internal project staff;
  • Remain knowledgeable of updates and revisions to the PROPEL Health’s Grants Manual, and recommend revisions, as program operations change;
  • Conduct pre-award reviews of potential grantees, regular mid-implementation audits, and pre-close out grant file review in coordination with the M&E, Capacity, Comms, Grants Advisor, and other staff as required, to maintain clean, audit-ready files throughout the life of project
  • Monitor payment of grant milestones to ensure compliance with workplan and milestones and monitor the projected expenditures against their actual expenses
  • In coordination with HQ and local staff, review monthly grants budget reports to monitor spend rate against forecast
  • Screen all selected grantees/subawardees through Refinitiv WorldCheck, Sam.Gov, OFAC, and UN Sanctioned List
  • Other duties as related to program grants and/or project start-up, as required
  • Any other grants/subawards duties and tasks as assigned.

Required qualifications:

  • Minimum 9 years of work experience in finance, administration and grants with an international organization and USG-funded cooperative agreement with buy-in structure experience;
  •  Minimum 5 years of supervisory experience;
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of professional accounting principles, theories, practices and terminology as well as principles and accepted procedures associated with USAID regulations is highly desirable;
  • Previous experience in payroll, expense reporting, invoice processing and ensuring completeness, accuracy, and validity of accounting data of documents;
  • Demonstrated familiarity with USG financial reporting and compliance requirements;
  • Previous experience preparing project/company financial reporting (i.e., field vouchers), reconciling project/company bank statements, managing bank accounts, managing and monitoring petty cash, preparing payroll, tracking expenses according to budget, maintaining records to meet tax requirements including payroll, customs and Value Added Tax (V.A.T) taxes;
  • Previous experience with workplan budgeting, budget monitoring, and forecasting;
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in team-based environment, supervise a professional team and ability to interact with a variety of technical, clinical, and other specialists;
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills; fluent in English

Method of Application

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