IT Trainee at Kempinski Hotels

Application Ends: March 26, 2023
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Job Description

Reporting to the Training Manager, the trainee will be responsible for learning and familiarizing with various activities and operations within their departments. He/She will be required to uphold company policies and requirements at all times.

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Under the supervision of the Departmental Trainer and Training Manager, the trainee shall learn to: 
  • Carry out or arrange for the carrying out of routine and emergency technical equipment maintenance, including system housekeeping and security procedures. 
  • Coordinate on equipment maintenance during banquet and other functions to ensure smoother operation is held and to ensure that equipment are back in inventory in good state of repair. 
  • Provide technical support to guests in banquets and all other areas including technical equipment when appropriate. 
  • Monitor and maintain adequate supplies of peripherals (cables, connectors, spares etc.). 
  • Ensure that the Kempinski Code of practice is upheld at all times and possesses a thorough knowledge of all standard operating procedures. 
  • Assist in the purchase of all AV equipment 
  • Maintain the AV control room(s) and to maintain the inventory of AV equipment in the hotel. 
  • Maintain current and up to date specifications of AV equipment with the Coordination of the IT Manager. 
  • Perform routine inspection of all maintenance operational areas and report any equipment malfunction to the IT Manager. 
  • Monitor the implementation of all energy conservation procedures and report any irregularities and non-compliance to the IT Manager. 
  • Manages and maintains Database Management Systems 
  • Ensure database integrity and security is maintained, data storage, archiving, backup and recovery procedures are functioning correctly 
  • Prepare crystal reports 
  • Solve technical and operational challenges in the scope of IT reported by users. 
  • To support computers in hardware and software malfunction in coordination with all the departments. 
  • To manage and prioritize any IT problems, impacting either revenue and/or the guest for quick resolution and pro-actively seek for preventative maintenance. 
  • Maintain complete record of the systems related inventory. 
  • Coordinate the timely repair of the faulty computer systems and equipment. 
  • Establish and maintain procedures of the backup and restoration of all data and programs in the system. 
  • Coordinate the data and emergency procedures in the event of system failure. 
  • Enforce security procedures for the timely revision of user access rights and passwords for all applications and network system. 
  • Keep all systems and software up to the current release. 
  • Advise hotel management on the existing and future systems being developed/implemented. 
  • Coordinate the investigations and timely of software faults reports or enhancement requests and maintain proper logs. 
  • Set up and maintain the office automation systems in the hotel. 
  • Support Systems, local area network, and wide system office. 
  • Handle all administrative in the information system office. 
  • Assist the users on the use of the information systems in the hotel. 
  • Prepare and maintain documentation n all hotel software applications. 
  • Maintain and inventory listing of all computer hardware in the hotel. 

Desired Skills & Qualifications: 

  • Degree/ Diploma in IT from a recognized learning institution 
  • No work experience is required 
  • Less than one year since completion (2021/2022) 
  • Kenyan Citizen 
  • Completed coursework (If even if not graduated) 
  • Ability to work and communicate in a multinational environment 
  • Excellent grooming skills and must be well versed in professional and personal etiquette 
  • Good Communication skills 
  • Out going with a positive learning attitude.