Head of Stores at AAA Growers

Job Description

Position summary:

To manage the Stores & Procurement team and oversee the procurement of company assets in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Key responsibilities:

Group Requisitions

  • Address all requisitions for the Group i.e., fittings (irrigation), Packhouse maintenance fittings and electricals, PPE for Packhouses and  Field, Construction materials (steel, cement from all sites), Packhouse equipment (sealing  machines, food sealers, packaging) …
  • Action requisitions from individual Directors and GMs for ad hoc projects
  • Stock Take coordination – ensure on a regular ‘informal’ basis – vet quantities prior to Finance  conducting.
  • Ensure timely Farm requirements.


  • Manage and supervise the Packaging Officer team and Stores Team, providing leadership and  management to the team and managing their performance, motivating, coaching, and training them  accordingly.
  • Make necessary recommendations where necessary.
  • Ensure safe storage of goods and access across all sites, as well as cleanliness.
  • Ensure stocks are managed at optimum levels to avoid overstocking or under stocking.
  • Undertake periodic visits to Farm sites and conduct impromptu audits and subsequent report  generation.
  • Oversee Truck loading activities.


  • Liaise with Accounts team to ensure timely payments are being made.
  • Understand reasons for any outstanding payments and problems.

Supplier Management

  • Ensure optimum relations with supplier to ensure that supplier performance consistently meets and  exceed business expectation.
  • Measure supplier performance in terms of time / delivery of quality products
  • Negotiate and agree on best prices, favourable credit, and payment terms with the suppliers.


  • Develop, facilitate, implement, monitor & review of procurement / stores policies and procedures.
  • Ensure Audits are prepared for in a timely manner; ensure Audit Checklist is circulated to all  Technical, Packhouse and Farm Manager teams for efficient organisation.
  • Forecast procurement needs and establishing lead times.
  • Brief the Directors on special project status and act upon ad hoc project items, as well as any  issues