Head of Software Engineering at TalentintheCloud

Job Description

A bit about the role:

The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing and executing the strategy to implement a greenfield in-house software engineering capability. This capability will enable the company to transition from high vendor dependency to owning the development and release process of digital applications.

Your daily adventures include:      

  • Setting technical standards, SDLC processes, defining standard toolsets covering high-level architecture, programming languages, application servers/platforms and integration
  • Defining approaches (SOA, Microservices, Brokers, Streaming etc); programming design patterns; programming standards
  • Development tools and tooling (IDEs, build tools, dependency management, source formatting, quality enforcement)
  • Source code management, branching, releasing, git flow procedures & processes; source code security, access control
  • Building artifact management, versioning and controls, building environments & developer productivity
  • API & code documentation (written & automated generation)
  • CI/CD pipelines and deployment processes/procedures
  • Containerisation, container registries and versioning
  • Code scanning & security controls
  • Coding standards & patterns for security, access, authorisation and accounting; coding standards for exploit mitigation (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)
  • Configuration management
  • Capacity planning, monitoring, alerting and runtime visibility
  • Team skills assessments & training recommendations
  • Agile delivery processes & controls – epics, stories, tasks & backlog management and prioritization & associated tooling
  • Production environment topology, security, scalability, resilience & deployment/rollback processes & procedures
  • Business/Product ownership, quality assurance and quality gates
  • Using data and feedback from participants and peers to drive continuous optimization of cross-functional team structures and software development processes
  • Assuring that security and accessibility continue to be primary goals in the construction of any software

What it takes to succeed:

  • Experience with modern data technologies (Kafka, Kinesis, Snowflake), relational database systems (MySQL) and ability to work with large databases including open source (MongoDB, MariaDB, Athena etc)
  • Experience in DevOps (inc DevSecOps) methodologies and CI/CD toolsets
  • Understanding and knowledge of scaling and proven track record of scaling systems
  • Experience profiling and optimizing code on all tiers of an application
  • Experience in managing container orchestration and serverless environments, and deployment across hybrid and public cloud scenarios