Front Office Manager at Summit Recruitment and search

Job Description

Key Requirements:

  • Increase and maintain a branch client retention of above 55%
  • Review and analyze all client data to improve and increase client satisfaction and sales
  • Study and report client trends to improve market reach
  • Achieve daily and monthly set sales targets

Trend Analytics:

  • In Trend Analytics, you will collect, organize, and interpret client data through primary and secondary sources to maximize client satisfaction and
  • Ensure all client data is accurate and up to
  • Review and analyse all client data including treatment trends, client


  • In Marketing, you will support the company’s marketing department by collecting Social media content through client interactions and feedback/testimonial sharing
  • You will liaise with the Branch Manager to carry out internal research to understand team product and treatment

Leadership of Front Office Team:

  • Lead and manage all front office trainings including
  • Have knowledge of booking system, all customer service processes and ensure these are fully understood, implemented, and maximized by the
  • Observe client journey (360-degree cycle) through front office, therapists and hairdressers and flag any gaps or

Client Relationship Management:

  • Have knowledge of all services and products available and guide clients on best options for best
  • Understand the 360-degree client experience at the Spa and ensure this is known, understood and implemented by
  • Observe the sales team to identify gaps in relations to client feedback and work closely with the Branch manager to ensure consistency in client experiences and service standards and quality through relevant


  • Share daily  reports  with  daily  activities,  achievements,  suggestions,  issues  and
  • Report to management any issues arising from client interactions and feedback shared including any complaints, suggestions or recommendations made by the
  • Include client feedback directed at specific trends e popularity of a particular service.


  • Experience in managing operations and contractors is highly preferred
  • Experience managing/leading and coordinating a team of more than 20 people
  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution
  • Knowledge of scheduling software systems is highly desirable
  • Solution-oriented and a great team-player
  • Hands-on and proactive with a thirst for tangible results
  • Professional and cordial personality is highly preferred