Fleet Maintenance Supervisor at Sanergy

Application Ends: March 31, 2023
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Job Description

The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and repair of our fleet of vehicles to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. The Fleet Maintenance Supervisor will work closely with the Operations team to plan and execute maintenance schedules, manage spare parts inventory, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop a monthly and weekly schedule that is in line with the annual schedule for AMs, PMs, Drivers assessments 
  • Resolve breakdowns within the agreed turnaround time
  • Liaise with the maintenance supervisor(s) in the implementation of the problem-solving tools (RCAs, 5Why, RAPID)
  • Coach maintenance supervisor(s) on use of the above problem-solving tools
  • Lead development of corrective actions. Own resolution through delegation to the maintenance team
  • Lead preventive action projects to meet recommended TATs and budgets
  • Share weekly reports on maintenance activities for all trucks
  • Ensure all maintenance issues are logged on established platforms
  • Calculate and track MTBF and MTTR for all trucks
  • Work with maintenance supervisor(s) to refine AM and PM schedules to improve equipment reliability
  • Coordinate all AM (Autonomous Maintenance), PM (Preventive Maintenance), and BM (Breakdown Maintenance) activities through the supervisor(s)
  • Coordinate driver training and assessments on equipment operations 
  • Proactively contributing to conflict resolution through open and honest discussions, reporting unresolved conflict to your manager or Talent Partner
  • Maintain a cordial working relationship with teammates
  • Manage maintenance-related vendors; work with procurement team to ensure vendor contracts are up to date and vendors are paid on time
  • Actively seek out new breakdown maintenance vendors that provide value to the company through budget and TAT reduction to meet targets
  • Liaise with the Asst. Manager Fleet to plan for maintenance activities without affecting service delivery to our clients
  • Coordinate acquisition of coverage trucks for all leased trucks with the lease vendors
  • Develop a monthly and weekly schedule that is in line with the annual schedule for AMs, PMs, drivers’ assessments   
  • Resolve breakdowns within the agreed turnaround time
  • Propose and implement actions to reduce the variance between the plan and actuals
  • Refine AM and PM schedules to improve trucks reliability and predictability
  • Share ideas on how to standardize and improve maintenance data
  • Share ideas on how to improve maintenance processes
  • Implement improvement ideas and share feedback
  • Escalate in advance when facing blocks
  • Keeping track of the maintenance expenses for all trucks and ensuring vendors are paid on time as per the Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
  • Sharing daily reports on maintenance expenses for all assets
  • Ensure all the maintenance data is logged systematically
  • Ask questions and listen to items escalated by the operators, technicians, and managers in order to understand issues with the assets
  • Provide feedback to operators and technicians on usage and maintenance of assets
  • Ask for feedback from stakeholders (operators, technicians, and managers) to improve the maintenance performance
  • Conduct quarterly performance reviews using the in-house feedback templates
  • Continually host feedback sessions with your team that are aimed at sharing situational experiences highlighting learnings, wins, and failures
  • Share a report of team failures and learning derived from them (through performance reviews)


  • Degree in  Mechanical / Automotive Engineering
  • 2- 3 year of proven experience in Fleet maintenance preferably a similar role
  • Possess great data analysis skills and technical knowledge
  • Excellent organizational, ownership and follow-up skills
  • Competent in  detection, problem-solving, planning and decision making
  • Ability to hands-on work on a need basis