Engineering Trainee at Kempinski Hotels

Application Ends: March 26, 2023
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Job Description

Reporting to the Training Manager, the trainee will be responsible for learning and familiarizing with various activities and operations within their departments. He/ She will be required to uphold company policies and requirements at all times. 

Main Responsibilities: 

Under the supervision of the Departmental Trainer and Training Manager, the trainee shall learn to: 

  • Ensure that mechanical technicians adhere to set working hours. 
  • Submit FF&E requirement to the Plant room/supervisor/Assistant /Chief Engineer. 
  • Ensure that quality workmanship is observed. 
  • Ensure quick and permanent solutions are implemented to avert re-occurrences. 
  • Perform periodic preventive maintenance for machines and equipment. 
  • Ensure close and hands on supervision of mechanical technicians. 
  • Plan and schedule maintenance of equipment without interfering with the normal operations and depending on the urgency. 
  • Perform daily check for Laundry and Kitchen Equipment. 
  • Ensure that the preventive maintenance is done as scheduled. 
  • Advise storekeeper on what items are required in the store. 
  • Ensure that quality are items delivered. 
  • Ensure minimal wastage of materials. 
  • Have a working knowledge of Department Brand Standards to ensure compliance. 
  • Have working Knowledge of HVAC/Electrical and MEP Installations 
  • Ensure HACCP and COSHH policies are strictly adhered to. 
  • Ensure all equipment and machines are working and in good condition 
  • Ensure periodic testing and service of equipment is done. 
  • Take a daily record of all the electrical meters reading and submit to plant room technician for preparation of daily utility report 
  • Ensure all hazardous installations/ equipment are isolated, warning signs indicating e.g. Out of order, Do not operate are in place. 
  • Comply with all Kempinski International company policies. 
  • Comply with all systems and procedures as laid down by Chief Engineer. 
  • Replace all the burnt-out bulbs within the premises 
  • Inspect all public areas for any electric faults against the checklists 
  • Cary out minor electrical installation within the building 
  • Service and repair of electrical equipment 
  • Facilitate guest rooms and property maintenance 
  • Perform the right treatment of boilers and swimming pool water and keep a record of the water condition in the two systems. 
  • Monitor the effects of servicing and maintenance of plant equipment’s 
  • Receive fuel (AGO & LPG) and keep records of the same. 
  • Prepare Daily Utility consumption report. 
  • Ensure that there are no fuels, gas, and water, steam leaks in plant room the premises. 
  • Ensure proper chemical treatment of boiler make-up water and keep record of water condition in the system.

Desired Skills & Qualifications

  • Degree/ Diploma in an engineering course from a recognized learning institution 
  • No work experience is required 
  • Less than one year since completion (2021/2022) 
  • Kenyan Citizen 
  • Completed coursework (If even if not graduated) 
  • Ability to work and communicate in a multinational environment 
  • Excellent grooming skills and must be well versed in professional and personal etiquette 
  • Good Communication skills 
  • Out going with a positive learning attitude.