Assistant Director Enforcement & Compliance at Nyamira County Public Service Board

Application Ends: March 24, 2023
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Job Description

Requirements for Appointment:-

  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines; Security Management, Social Works and Social Administration, Governance & Political Science, Criminology and Fraud Management or its equivalent;
  • At least 12 years’ continuous experience in security management and must have served for three years in the position of Principal Enforcement and Compliance or its equivalent in the wider public service Demonstrated practical experience in prosecution and handling of charge sheets;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of constitutional provisions related to law enforcement;
  • Demonstrated exemplary services, high degree of professional and technical competence, good interpersonal relationship and thorough understanding of policy formulation and implementation;
  • A Master’s degree in the relevant field will be added advantage;
  • Paramilitary training from a recognized institution could be an added advantage;
  • Demonstrated a high degree of professional competence and administrative capability in the management of Enforcement and Compliance service functions;
  • Demonstrated a thorough understanding of County and National goals, policies, objectives and ability to relate them to (position) service functions; and
  • Certificate in computer applications.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Development and implementation of strategies, policies, guidelines, and programs related to security and enforcement within the county;
  • Planning, mapping and administration of security service divisions;
  • Coordinate operations, drills, trainings, parade matters, disciplinary matters and welfare of the enforcement unit;
  • Ensure compliance with county laws, by laws, rules and regulations established in respect to VIP protection, property protection, construction, waste disposal and management, revenue collection, disasters and traffic control among others;
  • Establish collaborative system with the Judiciary, National Security Agencies, County Policing Authority, Security Advisory Committee and other Stakeholders;
  • Promotion of National Values, Principles of good governance as espoused in Article 10 of 232 of the constitution;
  • Supervising and guiding enforcement officers in the county;
  • Submission of regular progress reports to the relevant Chief Officer;
  • Assessment of County Government Security System, risks intelligence reports and give timely appropriate recommendations; and
  • Assist in the prosecutions of non-compliant individuals to the county laws, by laws, rules and regulations.