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Selling fresh produce grown in Kenya to Kenyans should be easy but it wasn’t due to the disjointed distribution networks and inefficient supply chains that existed at the time.

On our very first day, we fell flat on our faces. Nobody would buy a single banana from us at the wholesale market. Then, a Mama Mboga who was willing to take a chance on us placed her first order.

From that day forward, we found that going straight to supply her and her fellow vendors on the front line was a win for us, for vendors and for their customers. As we continued to grow, we expanded the line of produce that we carried, adding more farmers and suppliers, improving our technology and distribution each step of the way.

Today, Twiga is a technology and service company operating a highly efficient supply chain that connects farmers, suppliers, vendors and customers with high quality produce, groceries and home goods. In addition, we have expanded to offer financial and digital solutions to vendors and suppliers to fuel their continued growth and further improve supply chain efficiency.

We work tirelessly to bring greater food security to everyone in Africa, especially our children. We believe that through the work we do, we can create a future where no child will have to worry about food on the table. Where they can turn their eyes towards the sun and fearlessly pursue their dreams. A future where they can deliver on the promise their young eyes hold and in turn deliver on the promise of our bright, vast continent.

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