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At Stedmak, we pride ourselves in offering unique experiences that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

For over 2 decades, since its establishment in 2000, Stedmak Gardens continues to reflect the culture and history of its extraordinary location. Visiting the Gardens, one sample the culture and history of two counties; Nairobi and Kajiado. The influence of the city and Maasai culture is elegantly blended everywhere.

Stedmak started out hiring its grounds for weddings and team-building activities. With time, the services offered expanded with the first of these being the establishment of a bird sanctuary that provided bird lovers a chance to see and learn about a variety of bird species from all over the world. The bird sanctuary went on to be expanded into an animal park that is now inclusive of animals like Gazelles, Llamas, Monkeys, Crocodiles, the King of the Jungle himself, a snake park and so many other animals. The snake park is now one of the biggest in Nairobi County.

As the hotel grew, we went on to introduce the floating restaurants, a unique wine and dining experience you can’t get anywhere else! And is now one of the most popular things to do at Stedmak.

We also refurbished our swimming pool from an outdoor pool to an indoor heated pool. So as to give our clients the best swimming experience, day or night, hot or cold. Come take a deep dive at Stedmak.

Stedmak also offers a selection of rooms and cottages, designed with first-class amenities, the perfect home away from home experience.

We are constantly growing and bettering our services in order to give our customers the best possible experience and service when they visit.

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