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The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) is one of the independent commissions established under Chapter Fifteen of the Constitution 2010. The Commission is established under Article 246 of the Constitution. It took over, among other functions, the human resource management function of the Police Service, that previously was being handled by the Public Service Commission.

The establishment of the National Police Service Commission to specifically oversee the human resource functions of the National Police Service is not only anchored in the Constitution, but also a culmination of findings and recommendations by various task forces appointed by the Government on the role of the Police in providing security and maintaining law and order.

The Alston Report, Akiwumi Report, Waki Report and the Ransley Report pointed out that one of the critical areas that led to a dysfunctional police service was the manner in which the powers and functions of appointments, transfers, promotions and discipline were exercised. Among the recommendations of the Ransley task force was the delinking of the police from the Public Service Commission and the establishment of the Police Service Commission, dedicated to overseeing the human resource function of the Police Service.

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