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We are responsible for financing, supervising, and coordinating the maintenance, rehabilitation, and development of roads in a sustainable manner. Our functions include optimizing the use of funds for road network programs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency in funded road works, and managing the fund. We use a five-year investment plan, approved by the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, to determine the allocation of financial resources from available sources. This allocation is tailored to specific categories of roads, ensuring that the funds are used effectively. We also monitor and evaluate the delivery of goods, works, and services funded by the Fund through technical, financial, and performance audits. We recommend appropriate levels of road user charges, fines, penalties, levies, and other fees to be collected under the Road Maintenance Levy Fund Act, 1993, and paid into the Fund. In addition, we suggest periodic reviews of the fuel levy as necessary. We identify, quantify, and recommend potential sources of revenue available to the Fund for the development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of roads.

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