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CURE International, a Christian nonprofit organization, runs a global network of eight pediatric surgical hospitals that provide medical care to children with curable disabilities. These hospitals are situated in Ethiopia, Niger, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and the Philippines.

CURE hospitals specialize in treating conditions such as cleft lip/palate, neglected clubfoot, bowed legs, burn contractures, spina bifida, brain tumors, and hydrocephalus. Along with top-quality clinical care, CURE focuses on meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of their patients and communities. To date, CURE has conducted over 5 million patient visits since its inception in 1996.

To continue serving children, CURE needs both medical and non-medical professionals, both locally and internationally. Opportunities are available for both short and long-term work. Whether it’s administering anesthesia, performing surgeries, fundraising, managing finances, or coordinating the design of a new operating theater, all are integral to CURE’s mission.

CURE sees themselves as co-workers, recognizing the value of all team members, regardless of their roles. Whether you’re a CEO, security guard, or housekeeper, everyone has an equally important role in delivering what they do.

Visit to learn more about CURE and the work they do. They’re eager to hear from potential co-workers and review applications.

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