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The Kenyan Constitution, promulgated in 2010, established a devolved system of government, resulting in the construction of 47 counties throughout the country, Kakamega County being one of them. Kakamega County is situated in the country’s western part and has an area of 3,051.3 square kilometers, an estimated population of 2,079,669, and a population density of 682. Administratively, the county is split into twelve subcounties, sixty wards, 187 Village Units, and 400 Community Administrative Areas. It is divided into twelve political seats and sixty wards. The climate in this area is ideal for a variety of activities, including agriculture and animal production. County Vision: A prosperous and thriving county that provides high-quality services to its inhabitants. County Mission: To increase the well-being of the people of Kakamega County by developing and implementing all-inclusive multi-sectoral policies.

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